Klimaschutz steht bei uns im Mittelpunkt.
The best and most cost-effective way of climate protection is to save energy and to increase energy efficiency. We all must do more to limit the progress of global warming and keep our world livable for the upcoming generations.

A lot of stakeholders from diverse sectors realized this, enacted corresponding plans of action and arranged and implemented first actions. But there is still huge potential worldwide to decline climate gas emissions which is often related to extensive savings of fossil fuels and other resources.

Particularly buildings and infrastructure offer a lot of opportunities to implement climate protection actions short/medium-term and to reduce operating costs as well as increase the value of buildings and constructions long-term. This is even possible without own investments respectively often with just a little own capital spending.

By longtime experiences in industry, public sector and especially consulting projects in Germany and other countries with focus on Energy Services, Municipal Energy Management and Urban Development I can offer support with conception, preparation and implementation of accordant projects. For the realization of complex projects a network of other specialized experts of diverse fields can be accessed.

Related on these focuses the following services can be offered:

  • Support project acquisition
  • Project management of national and international projects
  • Training, know-how transfer for public and private clients
  • Feasibility investigations, market studies
  • Technical assistance of preparation, development and realization of concrete projects
  • Political consulting / local affairs